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After I graduated from high school, I knew that traditional college just wasn't for me. I didn't like the idea of sitting through boring lectures, and I really wanted to work with my hands instead of sitting behind a desk. Fortunately, a friend of mine heard my complaints and had a great idea that completely changed my life. He suggested going to beauty school and told me about a friend's career that had taken off. I decided to enroll, and my experience was incredible. I was able to make lasting relationships and learn a trade that completely changed my life. Read this blog to learn more about the benefits of beauty school.

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What To Look For In Cosmetology School

You want to make a career out of your love of hair, makeup, and nails, but you don't know where to start. Choosing a quality cosmetology school is a start. Here are things to look for in this type of school so you can further your career choices and make money doing what you love.


Choose a cosmetology school that has a great reputation, either via word of mouth from friends and family members who have received services there, or from people you know who have actually gone to school at a certain location. You want to know the staff are friendly and helpful, the hours for training are easy to work your busy life around, and that the cosmetology school itself is well-known and respected in your community.

You want to also find out how many people graduate from the beauty school versus enroll every year. If a beauty school has ample dropouts, the program may be either too hard, too expensive, or too frustrating and stressful for many people to get through. You want to choose a school with a high graduation rate so you know you are choosing a quality learning atmosphere.


Look for a cosmetology school that offers a variety of classes, from learning how to give facials to hair coloring and nail designs. This way, you can train in a variety of beauty sectors and stay on top of popular trends, styles, products, and procedures.

In addition to learning what types of classes are offered at a beauty school you want to learn how often these classes are offered, if they are offered at multiple times of day so you can work or raise your family around classes, and other factors. Get a catalog for the cosmetology schools you are considering so you can compare the perks and drawbacks of each school based on your preferences and needs.


You want a beauty school that is affordable, or at least offers payment plans and financial aid for their students. Some beauty schools cost more than others and if they do, ask why. There may be better training, more included training tools, or other benefits that you can get from a pricier school versus a cheaper one. If you need help paying for your cosmetology classes, talk to a financial aid and guidance counselor. They will help you choose the best school for your needs and budget.